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The Ultimate Guide On How To Choose A Luxury Watch

Watches show the projection of personal style and taste to mark an important event and can be passed down as a family heirloom to mark your success.

In fact, Luxury watches are an investment for the generation.

Choosing your ideal luxury watch among so many brands, styles, and price-points can be difficult.

This article served as a guide to help you in deciphering which luxury timepiece is the perfect fit for you.

The Luxury Watch

A man is judged primarily by three pieces of attire- clothes, shoes, and watches. Watches are socially acceptable accessories that show the most overt expression of their persona and success.

For women, luxury watches are a part of their jewelry or fashion ensemble. An exquisite, classy, and elegant luxury watch adds more value to her and attracts the attention of the crowd than any other ornament on her.

Buying your first luxury watch is a special experience because you wear it on your wrist every day and it just becomes a part of you. It represents your significant investment in design, function, and quality. Buying a luxury watch requires some know-how about these incredible little machines like- their precision of a chronometer, complications on the dial, engineering of complex inner-mechanics, and more importantly how it will look and speaks about your character, personality, lifestyle, and taste.

How To Choose Your Luxury Watch

Decide Your Budget

Deciding your budget is a good aspect while choosing a luxury watch for your collection. How much you’re prepared to spend and what brand, features, or complication that you are going to add in return while investing in your luxury watch. Deciding on a budget helps you in selecting a prestigious brand that offers all your needs in the budget and other options are available within your price range.

Consider Where You Can Wear It

Luxury watches are designed for different uses and purposes. Considering where you can wear it? Will you be wearing it every day? or on a specific purpose or special occasion? will help you better in selecting the right luxury watch. Do some research to understand the various genres and complications available to prefer your style, uses, and look for the personality.

For example- If you love to travel or have businesses in multiple countries then go for a world-time function luxury watch. If you want a luxury watch to have a formal meeting and occasional wear in the office then dress watches are more preferable.

Choose Your Style

Every occasion demands wearing an appropriate timepiece. The best advice I can give you is to stay true to your style. This will help you in picking the right design that fits into your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Classic Watches

If you are looking for a luxury watch that can take you through formal days to casual dinners and parties then classic luxury watches are a must-have to your collection. These watches with their plain bezel design and bold markings look stunning and provide a timeless featured look.

Sport Watches

If you are a sports lover and inspired by sports legends then luxurious sports watches can be on your wishlist. These watches are usually large in size and their design is inspired by sports such as- tennis, diving, racing, football, golf, etc. with prominent markings on the bezel providing a sporty look to your collections.

Dress Watches

Dress watches with a simple face, roman numerals, and discreet or no adornments have widened their horizons and views to add luxury to your collection. Today, these watches can be easily carried every day with a touch of attitude.

Pick Up The Right Size

While choosing the luxurious watches, always pick up the watches that sit well on your wrist. The right size of the watch looks more stunning and provides an elegant look to your personality. People often fall for the latest models and trends and end up looking for watches that do not fit well to their wrist. Luxury watches are widely respected and noticed by others because of their finer details and fitting but picking up a larger size makes it unfit for regular wear. So don’t look for the latest models and go for the sizes that easily fit your wrist and attract the attention of people.

Select Caliber That You Love

Considering the right caliber or movement is the most important aspect of selecting a watch. The movement of the clock depends on the mechanism whether it is mechanical, quartz, or automatic. This caliber is responsible for the good operation of watches. So choose a caliber that fits into your choices and suits your personality.

Mechanical calibers preserve traditional clockwork technology that needs to be wound every day. The mainspring wound to store energy from the motion of the hand and unwinds to release energy to move the gears that power the watch. These watches needed to be actively worn every day otherwise they would stop and require winding and resetting to start again. Therefore, mechanical watches are the most expensive watches and cover the most premium luxury watch segment in the market.

Automatic watches are like the top echelon. The major difference between an automatic watch and a mechanical watch is that the automatic watch keeps on running even if you are not wearing it on your wrist. This happens because it makes use of a rotor that keeps spinning as you move your arm throughout the day and activates the system called ratchet to keep the watch running. Therefore, mechanical watches are more accurate than automatic watches.

Quartz lacks mechanical importance but has its own advantages. It is popular in timekeeping and requires no input from the wearer as it is powered by a battery. Hence, it doesn’t include the hassle of having to reset the time and is easy to maintain.

Luxury watches giants like Patek Philippe, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Audemars Piguet all use the mechanical movements while quartz is mainly preferred by lower brands.

Look For The Complications

Today, there are several complications in luxury watches from simple date calendar displays to complex functions such as a tourbillon or repeater. The more complications that exist in a watch make it more difficult to design and create. Therefore watches with more complications are highly sought and appreciated for the genius innovation in design, complexity, precision, and skill required to create such watches. Thus, these watch complications enable special functions that are performed and displayed on the watch to simplify our life.

Go For Your Favourite Brand

The luxury watch offers you brand value, quality, and feeling with rich and varied histories. If you have any favorite brand then go for it or research different brands based on the brand value, their heritage, and things that inspire them. Almost every luxury watch brand has a history or a unique story associated with them.

Buying a popular brand is one way of making sure you are getting a good deal from some of the other popular brands like- Rolex, Tag Heuer, Armani, Guess, Tissot, etc. Brands like Jaeger-LeCoultre, Chopard, Bulgari, and Tag Heuer offer you classic watches that never go out of style and maintain your value over time. While brands like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Vacheron Constantin offer you timeless design and adds a modern look to your collection.

Settle For Build, Design, And Looks

In the very beginning, we discussed that luxury watches are the investment for generations. So don’t settle for less and look for the best design, looks, and build that suits your personality and separates you from others.

Watch Strap

You will have a variety of watches to choose from metal straps to leather straps. It depends on your personal choice to choose either a metal strap or leather strap to reflect your personal style and choice. Many luxury watch brands use precious metal in crafting the straps to increase their value. Leather straps are also classy and are mainly preferred for dress watches. Many contemporary sports watches use rubber and silicone straps to adapt to the sporty look.

Watch Face

Premium luxury watches are crafted with either acrylic or sapphire crystal to provide high durability and resistance against scratches. Look for the precious stones on the face of the watch. Stones on the side edges bring an entirely different level of grandeur to a luxury watch while the color and number of stones adds a personal touch to your luxury collection.


Chronographs, Moon phases, Perpetual calendars, Multiple time zones, World calendars, Fusee assemblies, etc. are the features that are commonly added in today’s luxury watches. Luminant is another feature to look for while choosing your premium luxury watch. This allows the watches to glow for over three decades and can be used for generations.

Extra Guidance

Today, every luxury watch brand is trying their best of excellent craftsmanship to design watches for their customers. With so many variations and complications available if you find yourself confused in choosing the right luxury watch brands and styles then narrow down your selection and look for limited edition series of watches.

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