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Rolex Alpha Daytona Watches For Men And Women In India

Updated: Mar 17

Daytona watch

Debuting in 1963, the Rolex Daytona watch was designed originally for professional endurance races. It required timepieces to withstand extreme conditions. The brand’s iconic chronograph, Rolex Daytona, boasts a rich history and association along with technical prowess. It is equipped with in-house Caliber 4130 (or the newer versions 4131 and 4132). These chronographs offer exceptional precision and reliability.

Beyond functionality, the Daytona watch has become a coveted status symbol that adorns the wrists of celebrities too. In essence, it blends technical excellence with luxury aesthetics, solidifying its position as a legend in the world of horology.

Enduring Legacy Of Daytona Watch

Transcending merely from timekeeping, Rolex Daytona watches have successfully etched a legacy intertwined with racing heritage, coveted collectability, and luxury.

The name ‘Daytona’ pays homage to the legendary Daytona International Speedway, symbolizing its connection to the high-octane world of motorsports. Early models utilized reliable Valjoux movements, later evolving to Rolex’s own Caliber 4130, renowned for its accuracy and robust construction. It is this unwavering commitment to precision that cemented it’s reputation as a tool for professionals.

Crafted from oyster steel, precious metals like gold and platinum, it exudes an aura of luxury. Additionally, featuring the iconic tachymetric bezel makes it a statement of refined taste and a marker of success.

The Price Tag Steeped In Prestige

The Rolex Daytona price starts $15,100, a price tag steeped in prestige but not without caveats. This price often exceeds the retail value due to high demand. While the cost is undeniable, attributing its worth solely to function might be an oversimplification.

Each timepiece is meticulously crafted using top-notch materials and undergoes rigorous testing, exceptional Swiss watchmaking techniques, contributes to its premium price. Owning a Rolex, especially a coveted Daytona signifies belonging to an elite club. The brand’s rich heritage and celebrity clientele adds to the allure and influences the prices too.

Despite this, the watch holds a great investment potential. Unlike depreciating assets, Rolex Daytonas tend to hold or even appreciate in value. Since there is an investment potential, buyers are willing to pay a premium.

Alpha Daytona Watch In India

Inspired by the iconic Daytona, Alpha Daytona watch captures the essence of the Rolex Daytona with a similar chronograph layout, tachymeter bezel, and stainless steel construction. Alpha Daytona pays a more affordable homage as it costs significantly less, typically ranging between $500 to $1000.

Alpha Daytona often utilizes a reliable mechanical movement like Seagull ST1903, offering a manual wind and chronograph functions. It typically has lower ratings in comparison to the Daytona’s superior water resistance.

Overall, the Alpha Daytona watch provides a more accessible option, prioritizing affordability over prestige and technical prowess.

Daytona Watches For Sale

The pre-owned market offers a treasure trove of Rolex Daytonas, catering to a wider range of budgets and preferences. Here are the top three popular Daytona watches for sale.

Stainless Steel Classics (Ref. 116500LN)

This model offers timeless elegance coupled with functionality. The watch has a 72 hour power reserve with a base caliber of 4130. Automatic movements and water resistance of 10 ATM with sleek black ceramic bezel, is a modern favorite.

Two-Tone Elegance (Ref. 116523)

This Daytona watch combines stainless steel with yellow gold accents, exuding a touch of luxury. The watch has a 72 hour power reserve with a base caliber of 4130. Automatic movements and water resistance of 10 ATM, features modern design elements with vintage aesthetics.

Gold Luxuries (Re. 116508)

For those looking for pure opulence, the watch has 72 hour power reserve with a base caliber of 4130. Automatic movements and water resistance of 10 ATM, yellow, white or rose gold Daytonas make a statement.

Sizing up Daytona

Rolex Daytona watch size primarily showcases one standard size with a case diameter of 40 mm. This consistent size has become a signature, offering a sporty aesthetic. Only a small section of earlier Daytona slightly have a smaller case diameter of around 37mm, case diameter 40mm and bezel diameter of 38.5mm.


Pre-owned watch dealers like Watch-masters allows watch enthusiasts to explore a wider range of Daytona models at potentially lower costs. Our experts conduct thorough research and verify its authenticity before selling it to customers. We advise our clients to have a clear understanding of the watch's condition before placing an order. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Daytona Mean on a Watch?

Daytona typically refers to the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona and signifies the racing heritage. It symbolizes the functionalities the brand offers like speed calculation and time management. For this reason, the model is known for its association with motorsport. Beyond these functionality, it has become a coveted luxury timepiece.

Why Is Daytona So Expensive?

Rolex Daytona is meticulously crafted using top-notch materials like Oystersteek, precious metals like gold or platinum. The brand’s rich heritage attracts celebrity clientele and to maintain exclusivity, it intentionally controls production leading to waiting lists for new models.

What Is the Price of Daytoba In India?

The official Rolex retail price or the Daytona watch price in India starts around Rs. 16,99,298 (subjected to change). You can avail these pieces at significantly lower price at Watch-masters. Our clients also trade at a premium.

What is a Good Price Rolex Daytona?

Given the factors of availability, there’s no single price point that can be objectively called a good deal for Rolex Daytona. Watch-masters offer good prices for this. All watches are verified, quality approved and tested.

What is The List Price Of Daytona?

Check the website for the listed retail price of different Daytona models. You can also check our shop page to know the latest trending Daytona watches for sale  in the pre-owned category.

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