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Inspired by Fast & Furious: Jacob & Co.'s Limited Edition Luxury Watch; built to speed (2021)

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Recently, progressive watch brand Jacob and Co revealed its most recent joint effort: the "Fast & Furious Twin Turbo." A Limited Edition Luxury Watch that intertwines the DNA of Universal Pictures' eminent film adventure, Fast and Furious, and the extravagance brand, the motivation for the design is speed.

“Our Twin Turbo Furious is such a natural fit for the Fast & Furious franchise,” says Benjamin Arabov, Jacob & Co. CEO. “Not only the name of our watch but the whole emphasis on speed and being exceptional. Jacob & Co. has been in many important and successful partnerships, but we have never partnered with an entity that so closely fits our DNA. The new Fast & Furious Twin Turbo Furious watches are going to be awesome.”

The new watch is suggestive of the first Jacob and Co. Twin Turbo Furious, the first Limited Edition Luxury Watch on the planet to consolidate a fast twin-axis tourbillon, decimal minute repeater, monopusher chronograph, and mechanical time reference pointer. Fastidiously planned with subtleties that typify the dashing subject, similar to the twin triple-pivot tourbillons that turn as one at lightning-quick rates of 24, 48, and 180 seconds, the sapphire crystal face that includes the notorious Fast & Furious film symbolism of the beginning young lady with checkered banners, and a monopusher chronograph, utilizing a level grip framework worked by a segment wheel, the new watch flawlessly incorporates the two brands' ethos of the extra ordinary storytelling.

Priced at $580,000, the watch is limited to nine pieces to celebrate the latest chapter in Universal Pictures’ Fast & Furious film saga, “F9,” which debuted on June 25th. And while this is the first instalment of this partnership, Arabov teases how this collaboration will evolve,

“What we have planned is incredibly exciting and will be as fast, furious, and exciting as the film saga.”

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