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Roger Dubuis Steels The Show

A pink gold elephant with a powerhouse of movement, Roger Dubuis has displayed its prowess as a master watchmaker. Adding a marvelous complication such as a tourbillon to the Knights of the Round table line, the watch offers the highest degree of design, technique, and exclusivity. This swiss watchmaker has shown for the first time that they do not abide by their rules.

The very recognizable face of the watch comprises twelve micro-sculptures- the knights placed around the dial. The knights are handcrafted and represent the 12 characters involved in the quest. The watch surely doesn’t disappoint either. The brand is fixated on tourbillons with manual winding caliber RD 115 inside.

This is the eighth version of the Knights of the Round Table and the first central tourbillon mechanism created by Roger Dubuis. This collection dates back to 2013, yet it is a strong guilty pleasure. Looks are subjective, but whether one likes them or not, or someone who is drawn to watches of the most remarkable caliber, there is no doubt that it will earn attention. That’s because of the thread that has run from the beginning of Dubuis till today- uncompromising dedication to excellence.

Roger Dubuis’s first watch, the Hommage was completely unabashed in its eponymous purpose, its design for the fledging bland written in its very name. The translucent purple blocks that you see around the tourbillon and on the double-surfaced flange is Murano glass. The Roger Dubuis Knights of the Round Table Monotourbillon is a limited-edition launch. Eight watches will be made to serve as

a benchmark for Roger Dubuis.

In the coming times, Roger Dubuis Excalibur will receive a lot more attention from horologists. As wild as some people find Excalibur styling, it is a watch that you could wear every single day. It garners attention when it comes to comfort, style, and overall durability. The case is water-resistant and sandwiched with two AR-coated sapphire crystals. Besides, the watch has a lot of personality and stories to tell. Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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