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Opera Godfather Musical Watch

The chiming mechanisms represent some of the most complicated and challenging in haute horlogerie and brings together the rarest type of audible complications to front, recreated into this purely mechanical format.

Yet, it isn’t only about music. The Opera Godfather relies on a spectacular ripple-axis gravitational tourbillon to ensure accurate timekeeping. This cutting-edge watchmaking expertise is a combination of steel, brass, titanium, and platinum. A single press on the pusher situated at the 10 o’clock position of the case is crafted from 18K Rose Gold. The keys of the 18K gold, black lacquered piano contact the pins of the cylinder, producing the music.

Intricately Crafted, Musically Blended

In an effort to blend Swiss mechanical crafts of watchmaking with music, Jacob Arbo chose the idea of paying a tribute to Francis Ford Coppola’s Oscar-winning 1972 film and its music. Jacob Arbo wanted to put something iconic in the watch and the Gidfather came to his mind. That’s how Godfather was born and its path hasn’t been easy, primarily because the watch needed to be vetted by Paramount Pictures, which owned the rights to The Godfather and its


The Godfather comes in a 47mm case crafted of a domed sapphire crystal with sides framed by 18K rose gold or titanium. Its front crystal is uniquely domed so as to reveal the entire construction and every detail of the watch’s incredible complications. Apart from the complexities the baguette-cut diamonds on the case and dial, and the intricately crafted miniature of Don Vito Corleone, the protagonist of the movie ‘The Godfather’, adds the sense of bling to the collection.

The time is displayed on a matte black sub-dial with a linear design executed in highly polished gold. Hours and minutes are indicated by a set of blue finished hands. While the patented differential system works silently, the time displayed in sub-dials always remains in the correct 12/6 orientation. Fitting more complications into already complex watch, the Opera Godfather Minute repeater adds the minute repeater complication with JCFM07 movement. It is also available in a diamond-studded musical barrel variant.

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