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How to Choose Your First Premium Luxury Watch

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

A luxury watch may uplift your personality, given the right calibre of design and functionality. A statement piece of a watch that reflects your taste helps tell others a lot about you and what you stand for. Move over functionality, the aesthetic value of watches and the dash of pizazz that eloquent pieces crafted by masters bring to the fore is inimitable indeed. But what are the parameters you should check out when you are in the market for your next luxury watches in hong kong? The list aims to equip you with the know-how that makes you help pick out the best pieces from the latest collections – ones that express grandeur and elegance. 1. The Display Kind Whether you want to stay the old-schooll Analog guy or the new-age Digital dude, detailed comparison of your daily needs helps you make a wise call. If you are looking to buy watches hong kong style, maybe opt for the classic old-fashioned Analog watches that lend a sense of nostalgic charm to your essence. While the digital display will help you stay on point if you are an adrenaline junkie who needs perfection and efficiency and convenience. 2. Quartz, Mechanical or Automatic Springs and cogs in your watch might seem all clunky but retro is in again and thus mechanical watch demand is on the rise. Automatic ones are really good choices for affordable premium watches with no need to wind, as they run on sensors. Quartz watches come with batteries and offer you higher accuracy and an affordable price tag. 3. Strap Material The gracefulness of leather straps in affordable premium watches is unmatched, even if they be prone to wear and tear. Metal straps boost your power suit look and complement your no-nonsense style. Rubber straps are dynamic, and can make you look smart in any outfit, with their dual offer of function and style. 4. Water Resistance The degree of water resistance always varies from one watch to the other as none could ever truly offer complete water resistance. Depending on where you work and your proximity to water bodies or water sources, you should test the resistance before making the purchase. Laboratory-based experiments help check water-resistance of watches in 10cm water; successful ones will keep on moving while diving or showering. 5. Features If you are a go-getter who needs to be on time, every time, having a powerful and efficient alarm system should be the priority. Stopwatches are a must for athletes or gym freaks while other latest softwares can be syncedonly with hi-end luxury watches, especially from the same brands as your mobile device. With these few factors to check for, it should now get easier for you to determine which affordable premium watch you want to invest on for the long term.

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