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H. Moser Cylindrical Tourbillon: A Revolution in Itself

Moser's latest offering is a rare tourbillon wristwatch for everyday wear. This is a limited edition of a very small collection featuring two of the most famous names in independent watchmaking. So, if you are on the lookout for a classic timepiece that infuses state-of-the-art innovation into its traditional legacy – look no further than the H.Moser Cylindrical Tourbillon – available at all retail stores that house luxury watches Dubai.

Two years ago, H. Moser & Cie. MB&F gathered for collaboration. The result is a true hybrid cylindrical tourbillon equipped with a one-minute flying tourbillon. Also, it is a self-winding tourbillon, which is quite unusual, although technically self-winding or automatic tourbillons have only been available since 1986, which is quite an achievement.

The Moser Endeavor Cylindrical Tourbillon combines a cylindrical balance and a tourbillon. Both of these innovations are regulatory systems designed to mitigate the negative effects of gravity’s pull on a balance spring at different levels but do so in different ways. The tourbillon creates an average ratio of all vertical positions that can be easily matched to the ratio in flat positions, and the cylindrical balance reduces the effect of the spring position change.

This latest offering from luxury watches for men is available with a flat balance spring. Watching the dynamics of the 60-second rotating tourbillon with the spring pulsing up and down, accentuated by Moser's signature curved design, is truly something special.

H. Moser and Co. possesses the benefit of a manufacturing division, Precision Engineering AG, that can produce balance springs for Moser and other watch brands in relatively large quantities. The balance spring is very challenging to produce because you need to be able to do so with great consistency.

Any ostensibly minor variations in the alloy's composition or the spring's physical characteristics will be amplified greatly in a watch, which is why they continue to provide a large number of balance springs. All balance springs and escapement parts are produced in-house since they are crucial to dozens of different brands and likely millions of watches annually.

There are also plenty of nice design details – the watch is designed to be worn with a tourbillon or dial, faces the wearer, and the clear sapphire dial is fully illuminated, including the logo.

H. Using a cylindrical hairspring, Moser has a power reserve of 72 hours. By looking at the image above, it appears that the enormous crystal will provide an amazing and vibrant (funky blue) view, and the transparent dial appears especially stylish and contemporary. Moreover, as the outcome of an attempt to incorporate some MBandF into a Moser.

The key to the success of the watch is the calculated decision to reveal the movement through a new skeleton architecture. A single element hides a fundamentally skeletonized movement. It is a colored sub-dial that displays the hours and minutes.

The stainless-steel case is under 43mm (not small, but versatile) with a threaded crown and water resistance up to 120m. You can opt for the Pioneer model - with its sweet crocodile strap, or the Endeavor model - which has perfected the cylindrical balance spring.

This watch has a technical touch that no other watch, or even very few other tourbillon watches, can match and surpass. It's one of the sweetest pieces of mechanical eye candy anyone could want. If you're looking for a Luxury watches UAE collection that packs so many cool movements that you don't have to bow to any other watch on the planet, you can stop looking.

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