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Best Luxury Watches for Men 2022

Life is moving at a fast pace and therefore it is essential to keep a track of time. Surely, you can use your mobile phone for it, but why not do it in style with a premium watch. No mobile phone can beat the exceptional elegance and rich history of a beautifully crafted timepiece. Checking time can become an exciting endeavour if there is a luxury watch on your wrist.

A treasured possession, luxury watches for men are destined to never go out of fashion. A watch from premium luxury brands like Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Chopard is an emotional and financial investment that will most likely become a prized family heirloom in future.

Our list of the best watch brands in the world here will help you select the best watch for you.

1. Rolex: Rolex is one watch brand that everyone associates with luxury. From its classic collection to its yacht-master watches, Rolex luxury watches men Dubai has become a byword for exclusivity, power, and prestige. The brand is known for its decades of chorological experience and technical know-how. Rolex was pioneer in introducing a patent waterproof watch; Oyster model and first self-winding watch. The brand is also a favored timepiece for James Bond.

2. Patek Phillipe: A top swiss watch brand of all time, Patek Phillipe is known for innovative and future-facing designs. With 177 years of its existence, it has created timepieces on a constant quest for perfection with a guarantee of reliability and star quality. Patek Phillipe Nautilus 5711 has been the most popular model of the brand.

3. Omega: Delivering exceptional

, Omega is the first brand from the Swatch Group. The watches from this brand have travelled from North Pole to the depths of the ocean in submarines. It has also been launched in space, it has been the first watch been worn in space. The American astronauts only wear Omega Speedmaster till today.

4. Audemars Piguet: Next on the list is Audemars Piguet. The brand has been on the wrist of rich and famous people like Jay-Z, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and James LeBron. The Royal Oak was the first stainless steel sports watch from the brand that was marked as a luxury timepiece.

5. IWC Schaffhausen: The International Watch Company (IWC) captures the innovative American techniques with traditional skills of Swiss watchmasters. The company is committed to work with sustainability and was the first watchmaker to produce a sustainability report according to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards. There are 6 IWC watch families; Pilot’s Watches, Aquatimer, Da Vinci, Ingenieur, Portugieser, and Portofino. An IWC Schaffhausen watch is described as minor works of art that is a dream combination of sophistication and durability.

Of course, jewellery is a symbol of taste and class. But a luxury watch like Rolex classifies luxury and conveys distinction and fashion flair in a much better way. This guide was created with an in-depth research of the best top-tier watchmasters today.

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