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Best Luxury Watch Brands of 2022

If you are a connoisseur of luxury watches in Delhi, then this is really the ‘It’ list for you. We have carefully curated 5 names that stand the test of time and are also affordable.

1. Bulgari

Bulgari watches feature high on any high-end luxurious watch list.

Standout Features

a. The gem studded Serpenti models are classic timepieces for horologists to collect.

b. The Italian brand brings it own flair of fashion with a unique collection marked with never-before-seen design elements.

c. Bulgari is famous for symmetrical creations in vivid colours. Bright and bold, Bulgari stands for impeccable quality.

Most Popular Model: Bulgari Serpenti

2. Patek Philippe

The second on list is the ubiquitous Patek Philippe from Switzerland.

Standout Features

1. Some of the finest timepieces in existence have come from this family-owned Swiss watch manufacturer giant. Unparalleled designs crafted with decades old knowledge and craftsmanship.

2. The 177-year old company prides itself on being future facing, and investing in high-tech equipment and machinery.

3. Patek Philippe pieces are extremely rare, thus unique. Only a million Patek Philippe pieces exist in circulation till date.

Most Popular Model: Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

3. Cartier

Synonymous with jewellery, Cartier watches has upturned conventions to cement itself as a luxury watch maker.

Standout Features

1. The 'Tank' range of watches from Cartier speak volumes about the distinct configuration that they boast of.

2. A Cartier timepiece is flexible and dynamic. There is a Cartier piece to suit every style ans every persona indeed.

3. Tradition and heritage is fused with little-known impressive watchmaking techniques to create an eclectic range of watches.

Most Popular Model: Cartier Tank.

4. Rado

This Swiss giant is famed for its ceramic watches and has earned the nickname of 'Master of Materials'.

Standout Features:

1. High-tech ceramic is central to all Rado pieces. Plasma high-tech ceramic is used, which gives the watches lightness and resilience. Metallic or matte - whatever you want, can be made available.

2. Lightweight and highly durable, Rado watches are excellent companions by virtue of being highly durable against all terrains and weather conditions.

3. The stark design element of clean lines and minimalist silhouettes can help you identify a Rado from amongst a crowd. A truly unique brand, this one.

Most Popular Model: Rado Centrix

5. Tissot

Tissot prides itself on being an 'Innovator by tradition'. Precise and elegant can be used to describe the Tissot pieces. Standout Features:

1. Tissot puts accuracy on centre stage. It has thus been - and repeatedly so - named the official timekeeper at Tour de France, NBA, and European Rugby events, to name a few.

2. Flawless mechanics is on display when it comes to Tissot pieces. High-end designs are made accessible at price points far lower than other luxury brands as the company believes in making excellence accessible.

3. If classic timepieces that stand the test of time are your thing - Tissot is the brand for you. And if contemporary designs that elevate your style is what you need - Tissot doesn’t fail you either.

Most Popular Model: Tissot Dress Watch This list of the 5 best Luxury Watch Brands in India this year helps you decide which luxury watches for men and luxury watches for women to invest in. Go get yourself a timeless creation now.

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